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The objectives for the implementation of these policies IMS are:

  1. continuous monitoring of the company processes and verification of their efficiency;
  2. complete involvement of the whole personnel;
  3. constant attention to the suitability of the working environment especially in reference to hygiene and work safety;
  4. the products to respect client expectations in terms of quality (performance characteristics);
  5. attention to legislative requirements;
  6. efficient collaboration with customers to attain reciprocate objectives;
  7. identification of measurable goals to enable continuous improvement.
  8. establishing and maintaining good working climate with all interested parties in Savremena Ambalaža d.o.o.



Print the tape with your logo, company name and...


Carrier type Polypropylen
Adhesive type Water Based Acrylic, Hot-Melt and Natural rubber
Film thickness (µm) 25-33
Overall thickness (µm)45- 52
Adhesion on steel (N/cm) 2.0
Tensile strength (N/cm) 50
Elongation (%) 60
Product properties
Colour(s) White, brown, transparant,yellow, red, etc…
Printable Up to 3 colours
Dimensions Width 25 – 150 mm /more…/


in different film thicknesses based on natural rubber


in different film thicknesses based on natural rubber / solvent adhesive. The tape unrolls lightly, has good tack and adheres quickly to cardboard. PP tape is easily processed by machines that seal boxes. The main use of the tapes is for sealing heavy packages, as well as sealing at low temperatures. Polypropylene solvent adhesive tape available at all standard dimensions, in three colours: Havana brown, white, blue and transparent. /more…/


for manual and machine packaging, for different purposes


● For manual or machine palletizing
● For different purposes
● Different dimensions (100mm- baby roll, 250mm, 500mm)

The thickness of 17-30 microns with possible stretching (elongation) of 150-300%

Detailed technical data can be inquired online!



SAAMBA Ltd is one of the leading companies in production and distribution of
self-adhesive tapes and stretch films with recognizable products.


Modern packaging company SAAMBA Ltd. was founded in 1991 and today is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of self-adhesive tapes, printed tapes and stretch films. Since 2011 the company has been operating in the new modern office space located in bb Bulevar Oslobodilaca Street – Cacak.

We would like to point out the excellent features of our self-adhesive tapes, which include exceptional quality in all types of bonding for transport packaging as well as use office purpose packaging.
All our customers who have had special requirements are fully satisfied with printed self-adhesive strips that we produce.

We distribute stretch foil distribution for different purposes (from 17 to 30 microns), as well as pre-stretch foil and elongation foil of 150-350%.

We offer the bubble foil of different thickness in jumbo rolls or cut into formats on request.

We are proud to point out that the leading manufacturers of confectionery, food industry and producers of building materials and furniture, are our biggest customers.


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    Customer orientation, continuous improvement and a process model are basis for systems’ management. It is the base from which it moves towards the values of the concept of the vision and the mission of the company- Savremena Ambalaža doo. Realizing the importance of integrated management system, we have included the standards of Quality and the Environment, as well.

    IMS Policy is in line with the development plans of Savremena Ambalaža doo- with the requirements and expectations of current and new customers and other stakeholders, as well as with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2005.

    The management of Savremena Ambalaža d.o.o. establishes measurable goals of the IMS. Constant surveillance, reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of integrated management system, monitoring the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders, reviews of the supervisory bodies, as well as regular internal audit monitors the realization of these policies of IMS.

    The policy of the IMS is binding for all employees in Savremena Ambalaža doo. Implementation of this IMS Policy involves all employees, with special responsibility for its implementation for me, being a general menager.

    To be the best among the best, to be successful in business and be the market leader in own business field.

    Savremena Ambalaža d.o.o. Cacak is to become and remain leading regional leader in the production and sale of printed and adhesive tapes, stretch and bubble foils. Also, activities should be extended to all countries of former Yugoslavia.

    To monitor constantly customers’ needs and to respond to them adequately and promptly.

    To nourish enthusiasm and dedication to work, as well as constant care for employees and society as a whole.

    To be a modern, dynamic and flexible organization with a permanent adoption of new knowledge and continuously raising the quality of its services.

    Through maintaining the superior quality of its services, as well as profitability, satisfaction is to be ensured- primarily of a customer and then the other partners in its business (owners, employees, suppliers, community).

    Savremena Ambalaža d.o.o. Čačak is the production of printed selfadhesive tapes and stretch film, as well as import and sale of adhesive tapes and bubble foils .

    1. Are you looking for self-adhesive tape to fix a technical problems?
    2. Do you want a cost-effective range of products?
    3. Do you need a modern packaging solution for your business?
    4. Do you want to pack your goods easy and additionally safe?

    With our range of products and printing services in the field of packaging we create the simplest and best solution for consumers.

    Savremena Ambalaža d.o.o. is fully organized team of diligent and hardworking people. Our mission is to provide printed and non printed selfadhesive tapes, stretch films and bubble foils for our customer. We are widely known for our services and of high quality products which meet the requirements of all customers, just as well as the interests of owners and employees, our suppliers and consumers and the community in whole.


    Adresa: Bulevar Oslobodilaca bb

    T: ++ 381 (0) 32 55 90 952
    T: ++ 381 (0) 32 55 90 953
    F: ++ 381 (0) 32 55 90 954



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