• Do you want your target customer group to remember your brand?
  • Increase your name awareness during storage, shipment – even on the work floor!
  • Printed tape is an economical and effective means of communication.
  • With it you turn anonymous boxes into recognisable shipment packaging.
  • Print the tape with your logo, company name and/or URL – or put a warning, sign or protective text on it.



Carrier type Polypropylen
Adhesive type Water Based Acrylic, Hot-Melt and Natural rubber
Film thickness (µm) 25-33
Overall thickness (µm)45- 52
Adhesion on steel (N/cm) 2.0
Tensile strength (N/cm) 50
Elongation (%) 60
Product properties
Colour(s) White, brown, transparant, yellow, red, etc…
Printable Up to 4 colours
Dimensions Width 25 – 150 mm

All adhesive tapes are under quality control ISO 9001 and certified by Institute of health care ‘Dr Milan Jovanovic-Batut’ and by Institute for hygiene and technology of meat- Belgrade.